In today’s Exponential Investor:

  • It’s time to decide
  • Optimism or mistrust?
  • Perhaps this is the next medical frontier

In today’s weekly Exponential Investor podcast, we talk about the biggest question you will face in recent times… to jab or not to jab?

We’re not talking about an exhibition bout between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. We’re talking about the Covid-19 vaccination.

If one were to rock up on your doorstep tomorrow, do you take the jab or not?

We’re both confident that taking it isn’t going to inject us with a trackable microchip. If anyone wanted to track you, it’s pretty damn easy to without having to sneak a chip into your bloodstream with a vaccine.

Take it or don’t, that choice is yours and yours alone and we certainly won’t judge you for whatever you decide. However, we would suggest that perhaps we should take a moment to consider over the last 100 years the progress that medicine and medical therapies have achieved.

While there’s a lot of mistrust, distrust, lack of trust in the world, there’s also a good reason why people live longer, are healthier and increasingly have access to better medical care. And that’s 100-plus years of progress.

Sure it’s not perfect, and not all healthcare systems are fit for purpose, but there is some optimism to be taken out from all this and the ability for medicine and biotechnology to unify, mobilise and solve a pressing, urgent need.

We also briefly touch on the UN making an announcement overnight about another form of medical therapy that could very well become the next frontier of medical progress.  

It’s an area of medicine we’ve been looking at for some time, and now it appears we just might (once again) be at an inflection point of opportunity for what comes next.