The moral quandaries that will face self-driving cars

I’ve just played “Moral Machine” by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It’s a “game” that lets you address the various moral quandaries that will face self-driving cars. It’s not really a game, because you’re not playing against anyone and there…

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Re-engineering the world with CRISPR

I’m going to make a big prediction today: I think CRISPR – the technology that enables us to edit genes – will go down in history as the most significant breakthrough of the century. That may sound like hyperbole. It’s…

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Big Blue goes green

You might think the renewables market is dominated by lentil-munching hippies, assembling Heath Robinson contraptions in sheds. That was certainly true a few years ago – and it’s true that many of the people in the industry were activists in…

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Intel joins the AI arms race

Today, we’re going to have a quick whizz through the most important science and technology news from recent weeks. As last week’s Exponential Investor was taken up with a special series, we’ve included some stories from a little further back….

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Investing in tech whistle-stop tour – part 4

Today, it’s the final part of our whizz through the UK tech investment landscape. This is designed to give you a fast-track to becoming a savvy tech investor. (It also means that there’s no Sci-fi Friday this week.) If you’re…

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Investing in tech whistle-stop tour – part 3

This is the penultimate part of our whistle-stop tour of the “secret life of the startup”. It’s the insider lowdown on how you can get your money into the UK tech scene, while avoiding the bear-traps. Accelerators Many startups go…

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Investing in tech startups whistle-stop tour – part 2

Yesterday, we started our quick tour of the “secret life of the startup”. This is the totally-frank “insider story” – and one that’s hard to get from anywhere else. Today, we’re moving on to the people that surround the startup….

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Investing in tech startups whistle-stop tour – part 1

I’ve been working pretty much full-time in the UK tech investment scene for nearly a decade now – so I know how the parts fit together. Below, I’ll give you a quick tour of the “secret life of the startup”….

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The Sci-fi apocalypse, Deliveroo, Apple, Walmart, and Olympic doping.

Not been paying attention recently? Worried you may have missed some crucial investment news? Fear not! SciTech roundup is here: Mine’s bigger than yours The world’s longest aircraft has emerged from Britain’s largest hangar – not far from where I…

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Could there be a war over phosphorus?

Earlier this week we started looking at fertilisers. We covered nitrogen and potassium. These have some crucial investment opportunities – but it’s all good news for humanity, as we learn to produce more of these fertilisers, more sustainably, and with less…

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