Megacities of the future

The world is becoming increasingly urbanised, and there’s a growing trend towards “megacities” – huge urban areas like Jakarta, which are many times the size of London. Today, I’m interviewing David Tal, the president of Quantumrun. He runs an unusual type…

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The invisible battlefield

“We’re sending a message. We have the capacity to do it. It will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact.” With these words last week, the American vice president Joe Biden…

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High time for big tobacco

No matter how you feel about its ethics, there is no denying the returns big tobacco has offered investors over the years. In fact, for 115 years, tobacco has been, by far, the best industry to invest in. In that…

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Technology is changing our experience of being human

As you might recall, Hidden Gems is where I normally look at some of the less widely-reported stories in the science and technology press. Today, I’ll be taking a slightly different tack – concentrating on a range of recent news…

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Where are they now?

You read a great technology story, it promises to change the world – and then, you hear nothing. You’re left wondering whether the trend has faded, or if it’s gathering pace. At Exponential Investor, we like to be different. So…

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Our water is running out

You’ve got rather used to turning on the tap, and having water come out. You probably think that our water supply is fairly reliable. But you’d be wrong. Globally, water is in a crisis – and it could affect you…

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Robots on drugs

Take one pill, three times a day. That’s the way medicine has been for several generations. It’s like a clothes shop that stocks only one size. Everyone gets the same dose, perhaps with some crude adjustments. But what happens on…

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Helium-3 prices are out of this world

Helium is an important gas for the economy – particularly for healthcare, where it’s used in MRI scanners. Today, we’re going to cover helium-3. You might think that’s basically the same – but the economics of the two gases, and…

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When tech takes sides

Today’s SciTech bulletin is a little different. We’re going to focus on the messy interaction between the worlds of tech and politics – and some of what we’ll uncover is pretty sinister. If you are used to thinking of the…

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Should you buy cannabis?

Previously in Exponential Investor, we’ve looked at how the illegal drugs industry is changing. Three forces are driving this change: the rise of “dark web” marketplaces; novel psychoactive substances (NPS); and decriminalisation. Our recent article looked at the first two…

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