Free bitcoin tutorial (usually £1,200)

“I want to get in on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But it looks fiddly and complicated. I just don’t know if I know enough to get started.”

I must have received that message, or one like it, close to a hundred times in the last week. Readers here at Southbank Investment Research, friends and family – you name it. Everyone wants to know more about cryptocurrencies. Very few people have the confidence to get started alone.

So today, since it’s a bank holiday, I thought I’d do something about it.

Our “go to” expert for all things crypto is Sam Volkering, editor of Revolutionary Tech Investor. Sam has been sharing his research – including exactly which cryptocurrencies to buy and which to avoid – with his subscribers over the past few weeks.

He’s also produced a series of video tutorials dealing with the nuts and bolts of buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These are very simple “how to” guides.

Now, usually these videos are reserved for subscribers only (who pay up to £1,200 to access Sam’s work). But given the interest in this right now, I’ve decided to “declassify” these videos for everyone to see. They’re well worth your time. In under half an hour, Sam explains exactly how to get started in the crypto world.

Just click on the links below to get started:

VIDEO #1: How to buy cryptos through Coinbase

In this video Sam walks you through the steps you need to take to buy “cryptos” through Coinbase – one of the major and most trusted exchanges.

VIDEO #2: How to buy your cryptocurrency on Bittylicious

Your second video offers you another option when buying cryptocurrencies. As there are some buying amount restrictions when you first start off, you might find it useful to open an account on another platform. Sam walks you through how to get started at Bittylicious – another well known, popular and trusted exchange.

VIDEO #3: What you need to know about cryptocurrency exchanges

The third video in this special series runs you through everything you need to know about cryptocurrency exchanges – so that you are familiar with the layout, terminology and know what to look for every time you log on.

Enjoy your bank holiday,

Nick O’Connor
Associate Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

PS If you want to take the final step and actually get starting buying cryptos (which you can do with £200 or less), there’s one more thing you need to do…

Follow this link and see Sam’s full presentation on profiting from the rise of this new asset class.

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