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Insight and investigation into the world’s most exponential opportunities

Our guiding principle here is to empower you to be a better, smarter independent thinker and investor.

We do this by bringing you our biggest and best investment ideas and showing you how you can look to capitalise on the opportunities they present.

We explain to you where we think you should be looking at investing and why. We also think about the big ideas and areas of opportunity the average investor and mainstream aren’t looking at.

It might be unloved and under-the-radar AIM-listed stocks, it could be future breakthrough technologies, it could be a huge market discrepancy unnoticed by the mainstream pundits or it could be world-changing revolutions like the cryptocurrency revolution.

While much of the world lives in an echo-chamber we break through the walls to deliver to you what’s really important in the investment world. We will be forthright and honest with you. We will expose what are the real risks and threats, but also deliver the opportunities and openings that give you a chance at turning a profit in your portfolio.

Sometimes we will challenge your thinking yet also sometimes reaffirm something that has been prescient in your minds already.

You can expect from us all this and more – because at our core we sit on the edges of the bell curve.

Source: Editor’s own chart

Most of the mainstream and average investment community will happily coast along in the throngs of intellectual mediocracy. But it’s people like you, the ones that exist with us on the edges of that bell curve, looking at real opportunity, taking that contrarian view that get the most out of our work.

It’s what makes us unique, what makes you unique and what makes what we do at Exponential Investor so exciting.

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Sam Volkering
Editor, Exponential Investor

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