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  • Who’s really manipulating you?
  • Not theft, but a service
  • Reset 1 or Reset 2?

Your house, your cars, your money, your investments.

Stripped of everything you’ve worked hard for, earned, toiled to add to your life.

You’d be furious, angry, ready to explode with rage. And rightly so.

This is the emotional pull string being tugged on by people who are looking to manipulate you into their way of thinking.

This is the seed of an idea that’s being inadvertently pushed into your brain to make you emotional at the thought of “owning nothing and being happy”.

The idea of “owning nothing and being happy” is a fast-circulating screengrab around social media.

The origins of the idea are from the World Economic Forum (WEF). The idea itself is taken from an article published on the WEF website and then repeatedly posted to its public Twitter account.

Of course, when you see the WEF publish an article on its site, repeatedly over the space of a year and re-publish the post about it three times, it’s a reasonably assumption to make that the WEF endorses and advocates the idea of “owning nothing and being happy”.

However, is it true? Do the world’s global elite want to take all your possessions and leave you owning nothing and being “happy” about it?

The answer might surprise you…

The idea has merit

The article that’s being used as emotional leverage is from Ida Auken. She’s a member of the Danish Parliament. Her party is the Danish Social Democratic Party.

The article if you want to read it (and you should, in full) is here.

And here’s the original post from the WEF on its Twitter page:

Source: @wef on Twitter

As explained above, the WEF went on to tweet this twice more over the next year.

Her article hypothesises a future world (in 2030) where ownership is non-existent. The crux of the argument is things that were once “products” are now services.

In reading the article, you’ll quickly understand that she’s not advocating seizure by the state of your assets. Instead, she’s saying that technology and our insatiable appetite to have things at our fingertips instantly leads to a possible world like this.

And frankly, she’s right. There are a lot of people that will want to live in a world like that. That’s also very much the direction we’re heading in. Not due to government, but from centralised technology, “big tech” and “big data” infiltrating every facet of our lives.

That means a world where you don’t own a car, you subscribe to a car service. Where your house is likely rented, or fractionally owned and shared facilities are rented out. A world driven by automation, artificial intelligence and service providers.

All these things are a very likely outcome in the next decade.

However, the part I think she misses the mark on is the concept of people being happy about it. My take is people won’t be “happy” but complacent with the fact it has become the status quo.

However, this article and those tweets have been taken, expanded and run with on an astonishing level. It’s now widely used as the basis for a nefarious idea that the world’s political, business and cultural leaders want to strip the rest of us of everything we own, to enact their “great reset”.

The thing is, while the original article couldn’t be further from that idea, the idea itself has merit.

Who really benefits from a reset?

The idea of a “great reset” is real. This has been very clearly and openly talked about from Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the WEF. In an article from him in June 2020 he wrote,

Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.

This reset of capitalism has the potential to upend the very fabric of our world right now. It also for all intents and purposes really appears to be a way for the world’s leaders to bail themselves out of the mess they’ve strung up for the rest of us to live in.

Ask yourself this: if there’s a “great reset” as endorsed and proposed by Schwab and the WEF, would that mean your mortgage is cleared? Would it mean your council tax bill drops? Would it mean your student loans are extinguished? Would it see a lift in your living standards?

It’s reasonable to think that, no, none of that would happen in a “great reset”.

Does it mean that a great reset means the authorities are going to knock on your door and force you to sign over the ownership of your home to the state?

No, that’s extremely unlikely as well.

A great reset of capitalism is clearly an agenda that’s being pushed by some people currently in power. And the WEF has a massive role to play in that. After all, it is – be its own admission ­– a forum that,

… engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

In other words, even though the WEF says it’s “impartial and not tied to any special interests”, the truth is it’s tied to the interests of the political, business and cultural leaders.

It’s tied to the interests of a select few, centralised and controlling global elites. Which means its great reset idea might be “great”, but for them, not for you.

What’s hard to figure out though is exactly how our world looks in 2030.

Honestly, I don’t know what it looks like, Ida Auken doesn’t know, and Klaus Schwab doesn’t know.

What you can be assured of though is that those in power will want to keep, control and grow that power. They will happily adjust the settings on society to ensure it happens.

Without some form of resistance then perhaps we do get to 2030 where everything is a “service” and perhaps that idea is comfortable and secure for some.

But for others, even if you’ll still very much get to own your property and assets, the idea of further state and authoritarian influence and interference isn’t acceptable.

That’s why a fight back is needed. And it’s needed most where it hurts controlling powers the most… their financial power. That’s why I believe it’s not the WEF and Schwab-pushed “great reset” agenda that will win.

Instead, I believe a “money reset” is underway and it’s the greatest weapon we’ve ever had to reclaim our rights, our independence and our freedoms.


Sam Volkering
Editor, Exponential Investor