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  • A golden exemption?
  • The trial of Sisyphus
  • China “turns on the taps”

Not long until the mighty Sam Volkering returns to the helm of this letter once more…

But in the meantime, some news on one of our experimental projects here at Southbank Investment Research.

A couple weeks back, I told you about our recent incursion into the streaming space, with the pilot episode of Southbank Live (A departure from the norm, 2 July).

The purpose of the show is simple – to examine market developments and trends which may have slipped your radar, while allowing viewers to ask questions live or ahead of time via email. I’m hosting it with my colleague and former Wall-Streeter John Butler, and we’ve covered some interesting ground so far.

In episode one, our first topic of discussion was the upcoming implementation of the esoteric Basel III banking rules and how they might impact on the gold price. There has since been a major development in this story, with the Bank of England declaring that banks dealing with gold will be exempt from the new rules – which raises all manner of interesting questions…

In episode three, we discussed what this means for investors, along with several other pressing topics – like the “Sisyphean Hill” facing the renewables sector, China’s decision to “turn on the debt taps” to keep its economy going, and several other topics suggested by readers.

You can watch it here:

It’s early days yet of course, so I expect there will be some teething issues with broadcasting live regularly, but I have high hopes for this project. Do send any feedback (positive or negative), or future investing topics or news items you’d like us to discuss on Southbank Live here: [email protected].

All the best,

Boaz Shoshan
Editor, Southbank Investment Research