Robotics companies are no longer the stuff of sinister science fiction. From automated factories to robot carers for the elderly, years of development (and billions in investment capital) in robotics is finally bearing fruit. According to Fortune, the Robotics market will be worth $135bn in 2019. This will be a key area of focus for tech investors over the coming years.

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Would you buy from a bot?

We’re all getting more familiar with the idea of chatting to machines. I routinely use voice typing on my Android phone. If you play for the other team, Siri offers a useful interface. This is a field into which substantial…

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Grass-eating humans beget robotic care bears

Have you heard of the herbivore men? If you live in Britain, you probably haven’t yet. But they are big news in Japan. Over there they are blamed for everything from the country’s continued economic decline to its demographic time…

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Future of Britain? Look at Japan

Robots are barely even news anymore. In the same way that a story about a suicide bombing in Iraq doesn’t shock you like it used to, the news that robots are taking our jobs is all a bit passé by…

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