Confidential: the secret stock about to release “Compound-X”

I’d like to apologise in advance for today’s Exponential Investor being unusually cryptic.

But I’ve had to handle this confidential investigation I’ve been working on very carefully.

It surrounds a mysterious, covert facility hidden away in rural England.

The last time someone exposed its location – and what the company was working on – it had to close operations… and move to a new, secret site.

We’re talking about dealing with Home Office protected stuff here.

But when I discovered the reason for its secretive behaviour, I knew I had to break this story to UK investors.

As someone who spends their waking hours uncovering revolutionary investment opportunities, and as an investor, I sensed a huge opportunity that almost everyone else is missing…

This isn’t the first time I’ve clued on to a massive investment opportunity while the rest were caught napping. In 2014 when I was telling everyone that “bitcoin” was going to be something truly massive, people laughed at me. I’d been researching and experimenting with bitcoin since 2010 and 2011.

“Magical internet money” was what some friends of mine said. And in an interview on US TV where I was invited to talk about bitcoin I was laughed at and the other guests compared it to “bubble gum wrappers”.

I have the exact same sense of massive opportunity now about this new opportunity I’m about to release to investors that I had back in 2011 when bitcoin was still unknown to the masses.

That’s one reason I have to keep details sparse here on the open internet.

If I expose too much about this new opportunity I not only risk blowing it open to too many people…

I also risk arrest!

Anyway, drama out the way.

Now I’d like to show you why I am willing to take on these huge risks:

The UK’s new “millionaire factory”

The secretive company I have uncovered is in a very sweet spot.

It is the only UK-listed and based company that’s currently legally allowed to supply a special compound to an erupting new industry…

An industry that is beginning to act as a magnet for household names and institutional investors.

Love him or hate him, George Soros has made billions by making clever investments at the right time.

And he has pumped $80 million into this industry already.

And there’s good reason…

Jim Rogers, Soros’ business partner and co-founder of the infamous Soros fund, says this market “is going to be a great investment if you find the right companies and the right prices… [the market] is going to get bigger and bigger”.

This rampant interest and investment is being echoed by a whole wave of money men with clout.

A few weeks ago, legendary investor Danny Moses made an appearance on Fast Money, a financial stock trading talk show on CNBC.

Name sound familiar?

He’s the main man behind The Big Short – which chronicles how Moses and a handful of others shorted the subprime mortgage market ahead of the 2008 global financial crisis.

Well, you see, Moses appearance on Fast Money wasn’t to tell you his next big short.

In fact, Moses is calling the very same opportunity I’ve uncovered in my investigationThe Big Long”.
Tom Leslie, a 20-year veteran at Amazon, has also jumped into this industry.

So, why are all these heavyweights “getting in” now?

And WHAT are they getting into?!

Like I said, I have to keep details surrounding this story scarce. But if you watch my exclusive investigation now, I can tell you everything you need to know.

Do that by the video player or link below.


The compound produced by this secretive company is in white-hot demand.

For years obtaining this compound was so difficult – and in some cases – illegal … new regulations have been like rocket fuel under the entire market.

With all that pent-up demand the suppliers – like the one I have discovered here – are struggling to keep up!

This new industry is estimated to grow 700% THIS YEAR…

And over 4,000% over the next five years.

In the UK, this new industry is just taking off.

This is virgin ground.

And I have found the ONLY UK-listed supplier of this valued compound.

Tristan Gervais, the London-based Canaccord banker who’s spearheading this industry, has gone on record saying: “A lot of companies from all over the world are looking to raise capital in London,” and there is a “huge appetite from a wide range of investors.”

In the grand scheme of things, the market in the UK is still pocket change: around $7 million.

But as more doors open and the legal bottleneck bursts, analysts forecast it could soar to £10 billion over the next five to ten years.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

That’s an enormous growth surge.

Over 142,750%. Incredible. Crazy, even.

But if you are on the hunt for a potentially outrageous profit – it’s not crazy at all.

For me, it’s irresistible.

Let me show you everything I have uncovered and how you could get in on this enormous growth surge now.

Here is my confidential investment briefing on this sweet-spot UK-listed, UK-based supplier.

My investigation tells me it is primed to capitalise on the insane demand for compound-X:

  • It has made two important acquisitions– one is a big-time distributor to help with the pent-up demand and the other is a special laboratory to ensure a grade A quality compound.
  • The people behind the company have a great track record– including a CEO who founded one of the most successful telecommunication companies in the UK.
  • Another is an ex-Rothschild bankerwith 20 years’ experience running and financing successful companies.
  • It’s got four seasoned regulatory advisersto make sure everything runs smoothly.

In short: I believe it’s on the cusp of becoming the beating heart for the compound-x industry here in the UK.

Let me tell you more about this company… and why compound-X is in such rampant demand…

Here in this exclusive video briefing.

Hurry – if you want the name of this company, and my full investment analysis on it – my video is only online until 6pm tonight.

After then, it disappears from the internet for good.

Get clued up now!
All the best,

Sam Volkering
Exponential Investor

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