How much is your wedding ring really worth?

Everyone owns a little gold.

Whether it’s the ring on your finger… or a coin in a display case at home… we all understand that gold is “valuable”.

Strangely, we often think of it as more valuable than it objectively is. Whether gold is $500 an ounce, $1,500, or $2,000… often its value is symbolic.

Gold is what you might call an “emotional asset”… there is sentimental value attached to pretty much all of our gold purchases, all through our lives.

For example, I am about to buy a few gold sovereigns for my daughters.

I am doing so because I remember my godfather doing the same for me about 30 years ago. This was a treasured gift and I still have them today. In all honesty, up to that point I was wary of my godfather as I really only knew two things about him, that even today I find startling.

  • He turned down a contract to play professional football for Piacenza, a second tier club in Italy.
  • He was so hairy he shaved twice a day.

A distant third on that list… he seemed to have lots of gold hidden around his house. He was a certified gold bug.

Whether you believe in gold as an investment… or you see it as good for nothing but trinkets… I think you have to agree that there are better times to own it than others.

In truth, my fond recollection isn’t the sole reason I’m about to buy my kids some gold.  

Over the last ten months, I have been lucky enough to receive intelligence from the gold market by a true insider…

An investor who has traded gold assets… and shown people how to make money from them… for over 20 years.

It was in March of last year that Eoin Treacy came to me and said, “We need to start talking about gold.”

Eoin is not a gold bug.

I think that’s an important point to make.

In fact, he’d probably be insulted if you called him one.

Because a gold bug is an obsessive. A blind believer. No matter what’s going on in the world, they have one answer: buy gold. And perhaps a shotgun. They are “financial preppers”. Apocalypse-mongers. 

That’s not Eoin.

Eoin is an investor who looks for markets that are about to get flooded with capital. Money moves all the time. It migrates in huge waves from market to market. Eoin’s job is to move with the smart money – ahead of the crowd.

He has done this before in the gold market. In 2003 he told anyone who would listen that gold was about to become red hot. That’s what happened. And in 2012, around 500% later… he called the top.


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Those smart enough to take his lead made a packet.

Those that didn’t are probably still kicking themselves. For them it’ll always likely be the one that got away.

Eoin has been proven right once again about gold so far. Since we started sharing Eoin’s gold investment recommendations here at Southbank Investment Research, gold has climbed from around $1,290… to nearly $1,580 today.

But the best is yet to come, says Eoin.

He sees three powerful factors, three catalysts, that could trigger a gold shock… a price surge that many will say is impossible.

That is no doubt what many would have said in 2003… if you’d told them that within 11 years the price would go from $300 to almost $2,000.

Of course, the past doesn’t repeat. It merely rhymes.

And Eoin would like to show you three compelling historical rhymes that tell him we could be about to see an epochal rise in the price of gold once again.

This goes counter to the way a lot of people see the world right now.

Because the forces that can send gold soaring are not the sort of things people want to happen.

For gold to reach outrageous highs, it usually means there are abundant stresses in the financial system, breaking points… followed by extreme responses by those who govern it.

That is precisely what Eoin believes we’re about to see.

To explain exactly what is going on – and why it could have a huge impact on the price of gold – I asked Eoin to record a video for you.

He explains it all much better than I can.

Eoin is the only analyst on our books who pays the $25k a year it costs to have his own Bloomberg terminal.

This gives him a priceless, direct feed into the flow of financial data. And he has two decades’ experience interpreting this data into financial analysis… and then action.

If you like to understand how the world works, how all the pieces slot into place – I think you’ll love Eoin’s video. It’s called Gold 2020 – An Explosion Waiting To Happen.

Click on the video player below to watch it now.

Once you have watched Eoin’s video – I believe three things will become apparent:

  1. There is nothing sentimental about gold’s sudden rise to prominence as a financial asset
  2. These forces have the real potential to send millions of people into the gold market, en masse
  3. It might be a very good idea for you to do the same BEFORE the rush starts.

If you agree, and want some guidance on what to buy: read this.

It’s a new briefing from Eoin on the historical rhymes we’re seeing play out for only the THIRD time in the last 50 years…

… which gold-related investments could prove the most profitable during this new gold boom…

… and how to get access to Eoin’s gold investment intelligence on a regular, unrestricted basis.

Read the briefing now: Gold’s Third Coming

If you want to get insight and a deep understanding of what drives the markets – get it from the best. Eoin’s fund was voted #1 in Family Wealth Protection in the US. Getting the inside track from an investor of his standing gives you an invaluable advantage.

His briefing is free to read and you should make time to review it today: Read now, Gold’s Third Coming.

Many thanks,

Paolo Cabrelli
Associate Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

PS Those who already receive Eoin’s gold analysis and recommendations – on a regular basis – seem very happy to have it. Here’s a few messages from them:

I very much enjoy reading your work. I have great appreciation for the breadth and depth of your research and analysis and the manner in which you present your reports (especially when it is accompanied by a soft Irish accent!). I have recommended your work to others. – JT

Excellent and so far I have done very well. I would highly recommend it. I really enjoy it and intent to follow more of your work. – DW

I have bought nearly all of your recommendations… I am in profit to the extent of about £2.5k. – B.Mc

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results


My IFA has produced an average return of 7.2% p.a. for me over the last half dozen years and acting alone I have never been able to match that. With your help it is job done in 4 months. – John S

As with anything you say it’s totally exceptional! I listen and understand everything you mention almost everything you tip turns to gold. – LB

If you’d like this kind of research and investment know-how coming your way, here’s how to get it (at a very large discount).

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