Podcast #2: Is Nikola a Giant Fraud?

In today’s Exponential Investor…

  • The biggest story of the week
  • To short of not to short
  • What’s it like flying in Covid-19

A bombshell was just dropped.

Is the company Nikola [NASDAQ:NKLA] a giant fraud? A fake? Is it a house of cards built on LIES?

Perhaps, perhaps not. What we know is that a recent report from Hindenburg Research says Nikola is a fraud. Nikola (obviously) says it’s not!

Who to believe? Is this a sign of the kind of market activity we can expect when these new challengers to incumbents get going?

Also what’s it currently like to travel on a plane in our Covid-19 world?

Does it depend on where you go or who you go with?

We tackle these tough and fascinating issues and look at the interesting and exciting stories this week in today’s Exponential Investor podcast.

You can listen to the podcast here.


Sam Volkering & Kit Winder
Editors, Exponential Investor

Category: Commodities

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