If 2017 equals bitcoin, then 2018 equals…?

If you look back at 2017 you could say it was a tale of two halves. The first half – being the first half of the year – was relatively quiet for crypto and blockchain technology.

Those in the know could see the story developing. But the mainstream really had no idea. And by the middle of the year that was all about to change. From seemingly nowhere, crypto became the hottest story across financial markets.

Arguably bitcoin and crypto became the hottest story in the world. I even wrote a book about it, showing you how to buy and store bitcoin and other cryptos – check it out, here.

At one point there were more people searching for bitcoin than Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé. Heck my guess is that Kim and Bey were searching “buy bitcoin” themselves.

The main reason for this was the astronomical ascent of the fiat-converted price of bitcoin. It caught the financial mainstream napping. But when they switched on, the world took notice.

What’s interesting is that you can track the ascent and the exponential rise with a simple data point – Google Trends.

In 2013 bitcoin started to scream higher in value

At one point passing the spot price for an ounce of gold for the first time in history. All of a sudden the interest in “buy bitcoin” skyrocketed. As you can see from the Google Trends chart the mainstream caught on to the story.

Terms buy bitcoin on google trends over time during 2013Source: Google Trends

What’s fascinating is the similarity to what we saw in 2017. Just take a look at the Google trends for “buy bitcoin” over the last 12 months.

Google Trends "buy bitcoin" terms during 2017Source: Google Trends

You will notice that there was a distinct lack of interest in “buy bitcoin” early in the year. Then there was a nice sharp spike late May. And another in August.

It’s no coincidence the fiat-converted price of bitcoin had gone from around US$1,000 (early February) to US$4,500 by August.

That was enough to claim the attention of the mainstream once again

And the likes of Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC, ABC, everyone started going bitcoin crazy.

And then things really blew up in December and that huge spike in mainstream attention. Remember this is a “buy bitcoin” search. Not just “bitcoin” but buying it. Consequently the Google interest chart tapers off from the end of December to now.

This is what happened in 2013 and again in 2017.

Now we’re on the downward slope of Google’s trending “buy bitcoin” searches. It’s also a period where the fiat-converted price of bitcoin has fallen from almost US$20,000 to “just” US$11,873.

Does this mean the mainstream is over their love affair with the “Godfather of crypto”? Or is this just something we’ve seen time and time… and time again with crypto?

What you should also consider is that while interest in bitcoin may have fallen, it’s picked up in another area…

Google trends chart for "buy altcoins" terms during 2017Source: Google Trends

That’s the Google Trends chart for “buy altcoins”. If you’re unfamiliar with altcoins, they’re all the other crypto that aren’t bitcoin. And as it stands according to CoinMarketCap there are 1,468 altcoins out there.

For the switched on investor that means there are 1,468 other opportunities to get into an altcoin opening you up to life-changing gains. That’s what the masses are only just starting to figure out now.

2018 is going to be the year of the altcoin

What happened to bitcoin and the mainstream in 2017 will happen to altcoins and the mainstream in 2018.

Bitcoin was the mainstream gateway into crypto in 2017. Altcoins will be their addiction in 2018. And so it should be. In our seven years in crypto markets, we’ve never seen a better opportunity for investors.

Now what you should also know is that while there are already 1,468 altcoins, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In our view the real chance to make life-changing gains is with initial coin offerings. These are also known as ICOs. These ICOs give investors an opportunity to invest into new crypto – altcoins – before they even begin trading.

It would be like buying into bitcoin before Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first block. Back when bitcoin was worth less than a single US cent! Or imagine getting into Ethereum when it was less than US$1.

That’s what’s happening in the ICO market right now. Exceptional, innovative, breakthrough crypto projects that you can invest in for cents and open up to 2X, 4X, 10X returns in a matter of days and weeks.

Now these ICOs are crazy high risk. That’s why they are able to deliver such massive gains in such a short space of time. And if you don’t know the difference between the wallet in your pocket and an Ethereum wallet, then this market isn’t for you.

But it’s a chance to invest in the next wave of startup companies. It is a chance for every one – no matter how much money you have – to invest in exciting companies of the future.

Remember when Facebook did its IPO. That meant the general public could, for the first time, invest in Facebook.

When you got a chance to invest in Facebook it was already worth billions of dollars. That meant you were coming to the party ten times too late.

The real money made on Facebook was in its early seed-capital rounds

When you could invest in a company worth just tens of millions. That’s what the big venture capital (VC) money did. They got in for cents on the dollar compared to the general public.

The same thing happened with Amazon, Microsoft, all the biggest companies in the world had private seed rounds before going public. But to get in that early you needed millions – or to be a VC.

ICOs for crypto projects gives everyone the chance to invest. You don’t need millions. Heck even £100 would do for some. It’s the democratisation of capital. It’s opening capital markets to everyday people.

It’s the biggest investment opportunity we’ve ever seen than anyone can take part in. And the crypto projects of today could turn into the Amazons and Googles of tomorrow. That’s the potential here.

Quite simply, 2018 is going to be the year of the ICO. When the mainstream switches on to how easy it is to get started, the market will go nuts. When they see the potential on offer, they will flood to new ICOs.

It’s already happening and we think it’s only going to accelerate more in 2018.

2017 was the year of bitcoin. 2018 will be the year of the altcoin and the ICO.


Sam Volkering




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