Margarine, moonshine and money

There’s one thing authorities hate more than anything else – disruption.

It is their enemy.

If things stay the same, it’s all hunky dory – their power and influence remains unchallenged.

Any change to the norm is perceived as a threat – and the customary reaction to such threats is aggression.

Whether the disruption is political, commercial or ideological – the powers that be do not like change.

Out on a run recently, I was listening to a podcast that hammered this point home to me. It was about, of all things, margarine (!).

Believe it or not, back in 1925 margarine was so controversial it was banned in some US states. Companies were forced to produce “moonshine margarine” on the sly.


Because “big dairy” was scared of the impact that this cheaper, longer lasting new foodstuff would have on its revenue.

Lobbyists waged a war of propaganda against margarine, even producing posters that suggested it was made out of cats and sawdust!

Margarine was disruptive. And its arrival was met with aggression.

The dairy barons even managed to push through a law that required all margarine to be dyed pink.

This may be an obscure example but I think the point is clear and one that we all understand… the powers that be fear any disruption to the status quo.

What has all this got to do with you?

Well, we are witnessing a new, grand disruption in the world today and the authorities are railing against it.

The rise of “bootleg money”

The financial authorities are worried.

They are watching the rise of cryptocurrencies in sheer dread.

Cryptos threaten to destroy the centralised monetary and banking system we’ve endured for the last 700 years.

Traditional banking services cherish the control that they have over the people and their money and will do everything within their powers not to let go.”

– Cointelegraph

As the crypto market has flourished, “old finance” has had its knives out. JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon referred to bitcoin as “a fraud” and Warren Buffett’s right-hand man Charles Munger called it “noxious poison”. And banks all over the world are making it problematic for crypto investors.

For the last six months a war on the legitimacy and credibility of the crypto revolution has been waged.

But things are starting to change.

In January Japan’s largest bank announced plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange.

Just last week Barclays bank partnered with one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges, Coinbase.

And we’ve also recently seen powerful entities… from IBM to Microsoft to BMW… sign lucrative alliances with rising crypto stars.

Central banks are also starting to fall in line… with the Bank of England openly considering the use of blockchain technology.

What does this tell us?

The traditional authorities are beginning to realise they are fighting the rising tide. They cannot hold back the disruption. Many will continue to try. They will wage a war of spin and propaganda. But it will only delay the inevitable.

Five years ago less than one million people held a bitcoin wallet. Today that number is around 14 million – and rising. Every HOUR hundreds of millions are being transferred from old money to new.

This is a disruption to money itself.

Back in 1925 the authorities couldn’t even stop the “margarine revolution” – what chance do they have against cryptocurrencies?

This is a phenomenon still in its earliest growth phase. And despite the fluctuating market (and the big dip we’ve witnessed recently), the gains investors have seen over the last 12 months have been eye-watering. Take a look at some of the best performing coins:

Stellar is up over 11,000%.

VeChain is up over 1,700% since it launched on to the market in September 2017.

For speculators happy to stake a small sum they won’t lose any sleep over… what an opportunity! One that I am determined to do as much as I can to help you talk advantage of.

Yours today: your complete guide to cryptocurrencies

To help you grasp the huge potential returns ahead, I have enlisted on of the world’s foremost experts in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – Sam Volkering.

Sam has been analysing this market for over six years… staking his money in bitcoin when it was selling for just $12. He knows this market inside out and has appeared at talks all over the world and on US TV to help clue investors up on why cryptos are rising so fast.

I can’t think of anyone better to walk you through this exciting new asset class. That’s why I have arranged for you to claim a copy of Sam’s new guide to cryptocurrencies. It’s called 

You can’t get this book anywhere else. You can’t grab a copy on or in Waterstones. Sam has agreed to distribute his research exclusively in the UK through Southbank Investment Research. I think it’s so important you get up to speed on cryptos – and the huge opportunity they represent – so I’m opening up the guide to you for free.

Pick up your copy now and discover:

  • How to set up your “crypto wallet”
  • How to buy, sell and store your cryptos safely – using your home computer or smartphone
  • Which ten cryptos you should never even consider buying.

Sam also reveals the unstoppable forces set to push the price of cryptocurrencies even higher:

  • Why China and Putin are going “all in” on cryptos
  • Why the next financial crisis could mint a wave of crypto-millionaires
  • Why increasing financial controls all over the world will see the crypto network grow exponentially over the coming ten years.

Sam has for you – someone who wants to hit the ground running. And it’s a very easy read – no jargon at all.

In the book Sam reveals one crypto that he believes could make you a near 200-fold return on your investment. That move would turn £200 into nearly £45,000.

The authorities can’t stop this money disruption.

And one by one they are falling in line.

Ignore the weekly price swings and look at the big, era-defining picture. The revolution is raging.

Do not miss out on it.

Nick O’Connor
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

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