Dethroning the king?

When you think of world-defining tech, what do you think of?

Artificial intelligence? Virtual reality? Space travel?

What about energy storage?

It might not have the same glamour we imagine when we thing of breakthrough technology, but being able to store energy, principally through batteries, has dramatically changed the world we live in.

Without batteries you’d have to start your car with a crank…

Wind up your watch by hand…

Laptops would have to be permanently plugged in and mobile phones would be impossible.

Without being dramatic, modern society as we know it today would not exist.

We credit Alessandro Volta with inventing the battery, even naming the unit of electric potential – the volt – after him, but the very first batteries can be traced all the way back to the Parthians in around 250 BC in what is now Baghdad.

Incredibly, the civilisation that gave the world writing and the wheel may also have invented electric cells – 2,000 years before such devices were well known.

There are perhaps a dozen of these “batteries” left in the world, clay jars, which would have been filled with vinegar, with a copper cylinder placed inside and an iron rod sticking out of the top.

It is most widely held they were used to electroplate silver – transferring a thin layer of metal on to another metal surface – possibly for making money and jewellery.

It would be some 2,000 years before Volta would build his “voltaic pile”, made of alternating silver and zinc discs, with each pair of metals separated by flannel soaked in salt water.

Such was his fame that in 1801 he was summoned to Paris by Napoleon who had a special medal struck in Volta’s honour.

Battery tech has come a long way since then, most notably with Stanley Whittingham’s creation of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

And so the evolution of the battery travelled from 250 BC Baghdad to Alessandro Volta in the 1800s, to Dr Whittingham in the 1970s and then, at last, to Elon Musk, until recently the darling of the tech world.

Much of Tesla’s explosive growth (1,612% gains since its initial public offering (IPO)) has been thanks to Musk’s huge breakthroughs in battery tech… transforming expectations for electric vehicles and solar power… as well as his famous “Gigafactory” out in the Nevada desert.

But today, with his empire on the brink…

Could the reigning king be about to be dethroned?

And the crown passed on once more?

On 29 August, for eight hours ONLY, private investors will get their first ever chance to acquire a small seed stake in this company I’m calling “The NEXT Tesla”.

I’ve prepared an urgent briefing to make sure you have a chance to claim your stake in gains potentially as high as 124,000%.

*Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results*

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The full details are waiting for you here.

Until next time,

James Allen
Editor, Exponential Energy Fortunes

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