Return of the Luddites

Before we get into today’s insights, there’s something I need to make you aware of.

Over the past two days you’ve been hearing from my colleague Sam Volkering – co-editor at Frontier Tech Investor – about a once-in-a-lifetime wealth-building opportunity…

That of the global 5G rollout.

Well, later today another email is going to hit your inbox.

If you’ve been nodding along to what you’ve been hear about 5G so far, I think you’re going to love what’s in store.

This will be your chance to claim your share of the forecast 946,000% industry growth. And walk away with what I believe can only be described as “generational” returns.

Now, onward with today’s letter…

Today, I’d like to address a somewhat controversial topic head on.

Considering the current political climate, on almost any other platform, the letter I’m writing to you today would never see the light of day.

Fortunately here at Exponential Investor, we are not beholden to the government.

We don’t take advertising. And we’re not pushing the agenda of a billionaire in his ivory tower, either.

Our sole mission is to make you a better informed – and ultimately wealthier – investor.

And that sometimes means talking about topics the mainstream deems unpalatable… for whatever reason that may be.

Today, that topic is that of the conspiracy theories surrounding 5G.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with tripe about people setting fire to 5G towers.

You can find plenty of that on Twitter and the BBC.

Today I want to look deeper… past the surface level noise capturing everyday people’s attention.

When you do, you’ll see it is all part of a powerful trend that dates back to the beginning of intelligent civilisation. One that Plato first spoke about in 370BCE.

And it has vast implications for you as an investor.

Because with every lunatic that sets a 5G mast alight…

And every David Icke-related post on Twitter…

It opens the door for investors with a bit of nous to make some serious money.

5G is, of course, the next generation of mobile internet speeds.

Now, it’s important to point out that every previous jump forward for internet speeds spawned investment gains of 1,000%+ for canny investors.

But where the previous generation offered incremental speed improvements, 5G breaks through a crucial internet speed barrier.

It eliminates lag – even over the furthest of distances.

Critically, this will allow devices to talk to each other – on a “real time” level – from opposite sides of the world.

That will give way to a host of game-changing technologies.

Technologies like autonomous vehicles, remote surgery, a whole new level of automation in factories… and many, many more.

And as far as making money from 5G goes, these conspiracy theories are a great forward indicator for what could be on the immediate horizon.

The no.1 lead indicator for disruptive change

To explain, I’d like to remind you of a group of people you were probably first introduced to in fourth form history…


The term “Luddite” was first coined in the early 1800s, when English textile workers went around burning and smashing the new technological marvels of the day.

In modern times the term has taken on a slightly different, albeit similar, meaning. Nowadays it usually refers to someone who has a somewhat illogical opposition to new technology. (Though, either of those definitions can be applied to the loons lighting up 5G towers.)

The thing is, instances of illogical opposition to new technology have been happening since the dawn of intelligent civilisation.

For instance, take a look at this 1889 cover from a satirical publication called Judge Magazine.

As you can see, when electricity was in its infancy it ignited mass panic. With Judge Magazine referring to 5G as an “unrestrained demon”.

Another conspiracy theory levelled at electricity was that it was an invisible force causing people to rapidly age.

Does that sound familiar?

And as I mentioned, this trend goes all the way to the first “intelligence revolution”.

  • Plato first wrote about this trend in 370BCE. He warned that writing would “create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls, because they will not use their memories.”
  • In the 1500s, people lambasted the printing press, calling the flood of new information “confusing and harmful to the mind”
  • The automobile was accused of encouraging teenagers to have casual sex, commit crimes and disobey their parents…

Now let me ask you… what’s the common thread here? What do these technologies have in common?

They all triggered one of humanity’s “great leaps” forward.

The written word birthed early civilisations to record transactions, driving commerce for millennia to follow.

Gutenberg’s printing press allowed society to disseminate knowledge on a scale like never before. And it ignited a golden age of scientific progress. Up until this point, scientific data was expensive, hard to come by and error prone. But thanks to the printing press, it became cheap, abundant and accurate.

And the Industrial Revolution – which the Luddites did their utmost to supress – was arguably society’s greatest ever leap forward – EVER.

Now at the risk of pointing out the obvious…

There’s something else these technologies have in common, too.

They were all colossal wealth-creation events!

And, for those that embraced these technologies, they minted some of the biggest fortunes in history.

Henry Ford built a dynasty from the automobile that still exists today.

Thomas Edison, inventor of electricity, founded the international conglomerate – General Electric. It was a founding member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. And has been a constituent for over 122 years.

Then you have the personal computing revolution. IBM president Thomas Watson famously said there is a world market for “maybe five computers”. Many see that as the start of the company’s decline. Bill Gates, on the other hand, embraced PCs. It made him the richest man in the world. And his company, Microsoft, has delivered investors 290,000% gains.

Source: Koyfin

Yes. You read that right. 290,000% gains. That would have turned a £500 stake into £14.5 million today.

As an investor that should have you salivating. (I certainly am.)

Because 5G is the next of these disruptive, panic-inducing technologies.

And this is where opportunity for life-changing profits arises.

Over the next couple of months, you’re going to notice something.

5G is going to become more and more ubiquitous in your life.

The 5G rollout is in full flow as we speak.

That’s domestically…

In fact, 5G is already in 31 cities across the UK.  (You can already access 5G where my business is located in the London borough of Southwark, for example.)

And it’s also rolling out internationally…

5G is already widely available in South Korea, who has coverage in 85 countries. Followed closely by China with 50.

And the US, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Japan are all in the middle of their own rollouts, too.

And that is forecast to drive a whopping 60,492% increase in 5G subscriptions from here on out.

Now is the time to position yourself to profit from it.

You’ll find out how to put yourself in a position to do that in my email later today…


Nick O’Connor
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

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