Will this shut Greta Thunberg up?

She’s wrong about a lot of things…

But Greta Thunberg is right about this:

The world needs to change.

Whether you can stomach her palling around with celebrities…

Or her theatrics about us all ruining her childhood…

It really doesn’t matter.

Without clean energy – the clock is ticking down on our future.

And it is changing.


As reported by the Guardian…

The switchover from fossil fuels to renewables is happening “decades faster” than expected.

Almost $1 trillion is expected to migrate from fossil fuels to clean energy in the coming ten years.

That’s a lot of money, migrating to new industries – and new energy companies.

Today, I am going to show you how to follow that money migration.

A new Superfuel – here in Britain

My colleague James Allen is a former energy analyst in New York.

And he’s discovered a revolutionary UK energy firm capable of providing enough clean energy to power the country for centuries…

Turn our nation into a major energy EXPORTER …

And giving us all a rest from Greta Thunberg’s moaning, for good. 

Look, I admire the stand she has taken. Anyone who is passionate about improving the world is good by me.

And if my own daughters had the guts to take on the Senate, I’d be proud.

But I know she rubs people up the wrong way.

I think that’s because her approach is very negative and accusatory.

Source: Twitter

Some people will say we should leave her alone as she is just 16 years old… and has Asperger’s.

But I think if you are trying to change the world, on a public platform… bringing about reforms that might cost trillions of dollars…

You’re “fair game” for criticism, or praise, in equal measure. 

Well, soon enough – we may not have to hear her complaining so much…

Because this UK energy firm has innovated a way to turn plain old water…


One that is three times more powerful than oil.

And 100% green.

This is the biggest energy story in our nation’s history.

In fact, according to scientists and economists the potential benefits…

Could take Britain back to being a manufacturing and export powerhouse…”

Incredibly, it’s all happening ten miles beyond the northern edge of the British mainland…

On a tiny island with a population of just 307.

And it could be a game-changer for the energy industry – and the future of Britain.

This is a breaking, urgent situation for investors who want a stake in this home-grown energy story. James believes this company could see a huge move in 2020.

In fact, he thinks you could see a ten-fold return as this situation develops.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Time to find out more:

James has just released a video online – to share everything he knows about this exciting new opportunity…

Watch it here, today.

Many thanks,

Paolo Cabrelli
Associate Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

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