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I’ve been talking to you all week about some of the incredible things technology is capable of.

We’ve looked at some challenging ideas. That’s been intentional. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I have to say. But ignoring it isn’t an option.

Today I want to go in a slightly different direction.

I want to get specific.

I want to talk stocks.

The company creating life in the lab

You see, earlier this week Eoin Treacy, investment director of Frontier Tech Investor, released his latest recommendation to subscribers. He does this on a monthly basis. The goal is to provide you with fully researched investment opportunities, complete with a buy-up-to price and ongoing updates and analysis.

Eoin’s pick this month fits perfectly into what we’ve been talking about all week.

It’s a company that’s doing something incredible – creating synthetic life in the laboratory by manipulating base proteins. In case the enormity of that statement was lost I’ll say it again: this company CREATES LIFE OUT OF THIN AIR.

It’s a huge new area of research and one that is investible now. As Eoin put it to readers in this week’s issue of Frontier Tech Investor:

Within the next ten years a major project will be completed which will map out the function of every gene in the human body. That might seem like old news, but it is what we’ll be able to do with that knowledge that will change everything. We’ll have the ability to identify what is necessary, what has been rendered obsolete as a result of evolution and environmental changes, and what would enhance our wellbeing.

In short, we’ll be able to take a genetic code – the secret to life itself – and rewrite it.

It’s going to happen. It’s getting major investment capital and it is going to require the exponential pace of technological development to continue to accelerate in order to achieve it. Today I want to introduce you to a company helping to make it happen.

This is all a part of a bigger story. Everyone knows about Moore’s Law – the exponentially falling cost and increasing power of computing. That’s having a massive effect on the field of genetics and biotechnology. The cost of sequencing your genome is collapsing. Soon it’ll be cheaper than the price of a takeaway pizza – and not long after that it’ll be free.

This is hugely significant, as it provides a vast amount of data on the human body (and on the rest of the world – we’re sequencing the genes of all sorts of plants and animals in an effort to understand more). That understanding leads to us being able to do all sorts of new and radical things.

The way I think about it is like this. Think of your genetic code like the “instruction manual” for the human body. The discovery of “the secret of life” – DNA – by Francis Crick and James Watson in 1953 was humanity finding this manual.

The Human Genome Project allowed us to read it.

The technological advances we’re seeing now enable us to rewrite it, correct mistakes inherent in it, and write whole new pages into it. We’re the first generation in human history to have this power. (I call it “God-Tech” for a reason!)

Which is what the company Eoin has recommended is doing. As he put it:

This month’s recommendation is not a company one immediately associates with healthcare. It is a software company. It pioneered computer-aided design, where it is still the clear leader.

Its software is integral to the creation of just about all designs conducted within a PC environment – whether that is architectural structures, planes, trains, automobiles or furniture. 

But it’s in the process of making a “pivot” towards a new industry: synthetic biology. Rather than writing computer code… it’s developing a wing of the business that writes genetic code.

In the past, the company has driven technology on by open sourcing it. It looks like it is following the same model with synthetic biology. By open sourcing its discoveries the company hopes to build an ecosystem of developers around its corporate and hardware architecture. This will give it some level of control over what is likely to be a sector with exponential growth characteristics.

This is a “hot” recommendation. It was released to subscribers just three days ago. That makes now the perfect time to find out more. If you’re interested in investing in synthetic biology, I’d recommend getting the full story on this stock right now.

On that front, I have good news.

I’ve been talking to you about “God Tech”. By that I mean companies using technology in new and never before attempted ways… the kind of things that could lead to revolutionary breakthroughs and revolutionary wealth. As you’ll know if you’ve watched the presentation I shared with you yesterday, I’ve prepared a special report with four such companies in it.

They’re all real, investible opportunities that Eoin Treacy has analysed carefully and recommended as buys.

But they’re just the start. As a new subscriber to Frontier Tech Investor you’ll not only get this special report, you’ll also get access to the entire portfolio, including this week’s synthetic biology recommendation.

That makes my offer to you that little bit more urgent to you.

If you’re interested in taking the next step and actually taking action to invest in these new technologies, rather than just reading about them…

I recommend you click here now to watch my presentation in full.



Nick O’Connor
Publisher, Exponential Investor 

PS I received a huge amount of feedback on this week’s special technology series. One email I received claimed our research costs “an arm and a leg”.

That isn’t true. A whole year of Frontier Tech Investor costs just £29. And you can try it out for a month without committing a penny. If you think you can get high-quality investment research for less than that – that’s fine. But personally, I disagree. I think £29 for a year’s research, recommendations and insight is great value.

See if I’m as good as my word here.

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