A departure from the norm

2 July, 2021

In today’s Exponential Investor

  • Two editors down
  • No Exponential Investor podcast
  • What do we do?!

It’s Boaz Shoshan here – I’m normally the one holding the fort over at Exponential Investor’s sister publication Capital & Conflict, but due to the present circumstances I’m writing Friday’s letter.

Normally on a Friday, you’d be hearing the weekly podcast from my erstwhile colleagues Sam Volkering and Kit Winder. With Sam away on paternity leave, I was planning on standing in as his understudy and discussing the week’s market movements with Kit. Sadly however, Kit then got the WuFlu, and then his understudy (the adventurer, Nathan Tipping) got the WuFlu too!

I’m pleased to say that while it’s taken them both out of action, they are getting along fine at home and taking it easy.

However, it does leave us short a podcast, and I’m determined to give you something. Luckily, this week we tried out our first episode of Southbank Live. This is a YouTube show streamed live, where myself and former Wall-Streeter John Butler discuss important market developments that may have slipped under your radar, while viewers can ask questions through a chat box.

As we haven’t really tried this format before, this was a “pilot” episode, released to small coterie of our readers. But the recording is available for your viewing, and I’d be very interested to know what you make of it.

You can give it a watch here:

Please send any feedback – both positive and negative (suggested improvements and the like) – to [email protected].

And before I leave you for the weekend, be sure to check out this event I’ll be hosting next week – where I’ll be interviewing the CEO of a certain American investment firm…

Wishing you a good weekend,

Boaz Shoshan
Editor, Southbank Investment Research