Old world meets new world

25 November, 2022

In today’s Exponential Investor:

  • The fourth agricultural revolution
  • A hedge against climate change
  • Wrestling back control of the food supply

We have more rain in the wrong places, and less snow than there used to be.

Late monsoons mean that rice paddy fields stay dry until the rains come.

Mega fires used to happen every 10 – 15 years in Europe: now farmers can expect them every three.

Extreme drought in normally damp land puts livestock under stress.

The warmer winters mean that crop pests don’t die off like they used to. During the cooler months they continue to breed and come back in even greater numbers in the spring.

Once in-a-century droughts in the UK now are expected every 30 years. 

Our entire global food supply chain has been built on weather patterns that were in place for thousands of years.

One of the biggest threats of climate change isn’t how much more tax we will pay, or rising water levels… it’s the rapid impact it will have on our food supply chain.

This week I’ve written about the “fourth revolution” coming to the agriculture sector. Today I explain just how much money is moving into it, and why you need to keep on top of this about-to-boom industry.

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Shae Russell
Co-Editor, Exponential Investor