Podcast: what’s a story worth?

In today’s Exponential Investor

  • COP26 or a COPOUT?
  • EVs booming (again)
  • What’s the story?

It’s been a few weeks since Sam Volkering and Kit Winder have been face to face on the Exponential Investor podcast…

Well, the wait is over!

Today we discuss a couple of key things that have been going on since we last converged via video chat.

Most notably, what are we to make of the COP26 meeting?

You’ll have heard 1,001 different takes on it all (including a few from us here at Southbank Investment Research) but what does it all really mean?

Who better to ask that our resident green energy expert, Kit Winder.

Also, while COP26 might steal the headlines, what is its importance for the financial markets? With green stocks still surging forward, how do you find opportunities and avoid pitfalls?

For example, take a look at Lucid or Rivian. These are electric vehicle (EV) companies (indeed, “the next Teslas”, according to some). How do you explain their meteoric moves considering they don’t really do much?

Put another way, how do you balance fundamental analysis versus the exciting – and blue sky filled – narrative? How much value is there in the story?

We dive into all this and more in today’s episode of the Exponential Investor Podcast podcast below.

Sam Volkering and Kit Winder
Exponential Investor

PS If you want to hear more about the brilliant businesses and technologies that are driving what Kit calls “the energy disruption”, then click here to find out more…

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