Congratulations, you’re about to discover four companies at the cutting-edge of the renewable energy market.

In this report you will discover:

  • The UK listed company at the heart of the wind turbine industry
  • The global leader in new ‘smart energy’ solutions
  • The US firm with next-generational energy storage technologies
  • PLUS: the one penny stock Investment Director Eoin Treacy is calling “the biggest moonshot of his entire career”

I attended an energy conference in Brussels a few years ago and recall a gentleman from one of Germany’s largest utilities getting up to talk as one of the keynote speakers.

Renewables, he predicted, would never gain a significant foothold in the German and wider European market. They were too expensive, too intermittent and far too reliant on government subsidies.

However, renewable power last year surged to 36% of Germany’s electricity use, according to the Agora Energiewende think tank.

Not just that, it has fundamentally changed the face of the German power market, causing electricity prices to fall to all-time lows, decimating the profits at all the major utilities, including those of the company our present day Nostradamus worked for.

I say this not to be wise after the event, only to show how easy it is to underestimate the pace of transformational change.

Now, I’m about to show you three companies that have great positioning in this massive market expansion.