You’re living through the most important, exciting and incredible time in human history.

A time when we’ll develop new, clean, almost limitless sources of energy to power our economies…

When we eradicate killer diseases, adding decades to the average human lifespan…

And when we master the art of creating superintelligent machines capable of astonishing levels of thought and skill.

It’s going to be an epoch of Promethean progress. A time when we make taking fire from the gods look small fry.

And there’s one revolutionary breakthrough that’s going to be at the heart of almost everything that happens – the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

As you’ll see in this special research report, it’s an area of astonishing technological advancement. The companies involved at the cutting edge could make a fortune. It is highly disruptive, as the many industries already being turned upside down by it attest to. And for humanity as a whole, its implications are nothing short of world-changing.

I’ve spent six months putting this report together for Exponential Investor readers. I’ve flown all over the world and spoken to some of the most fascinating and influential people in the industry, from Silicon Valley programmers to Oxford academics to the entrepreneurs putting this technology to work.

Quite simply, that’s because I consider this is one of the most important developments everyone in the world needs to know about. Whether you want to understand it, anticipate how it’ll reshape the world, prepare for its effects on your life, or act on its immense potential, everyone needs to be thinking about this.

This isn’t just a futuristic, sci-fi story. It’s already happening.

It’s also a tremendously exciting financial story. The sums of money changing hands in this industry – even in its infancy – are huge. You may well have seen that at the end of last year several high-level tech entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk invested $1 billion in a new AI project.

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The amount of money flowing into the industry on a lower level is crazy. The number of AI related companies raising $100m+ in the last couple of years has increased markedly.

The technology is there. The science is ready. And the capital to make things happen is available. That’s a perfect combination for investors.

Today, I’m going to walk you through this emerging technology from the ground up. You’ll hear from several highly respected figures in the field (in exclusive interviews you won’t find anywhere else). And I’ll highlight the key areas of the world to watch out for as AI emerges at last. Let’s dive straight in.