Analysis – The bank of Google

Today, I’ve got a new video for you from Eoin Treacy.

If you don’t know Eoin, he’s an investor and trader with nearly twenty years’ experience. The fund he manages was voted the #1 wealth protection fund in the US.

Eoin’s approach is exhaustive. He wakes up at 5am every day to analyse 200 different indices and markets. He does all that from his own personal Bloomberg terminal – which costs him $25k a year.

But it’s worth it. Access to the terminal gives Eoin an information edge.

His clear-eyed market analysis and acumen for buying the right investment at the right time is in great demand.

For example…

I attended his private seminar a few years back. He holds it four times a year, all over the world. Two things struck me about that day.

Firstly, it cost £2k a session!

Secondly, the other attendees were managers of some of the biggest wealth funds around. And they came to Eoin to learn how he reads the market and how to identify what to buy next. That is some endorsement.

So, usually, it costs thousands of pounds for Eoin’s time and expertise.

But once a week, we get the benefit of his market intelligence, absolutely free.

In this weeks’ video, Eoin looks at what could be in store for one of the biggest companies in history – Alphabet (aka Google).

Can the advertising and search giant reach $2,000 a share?

Will autonomous cars drive the next ten years of Google’s growth?

Or is it about to make a shocking move into the world of banking?

Find out in Eoin’s video below:


I’ve got another video for you today.

And this one is quite urgent.

It goes offline very soon – so please catch it while you can.

Bonus video: Can these ‘chart-breakers’ really make you a ten-fold gain in just HOURS?

Today, I’d like you to make some time to watch this bonus video recorded by my colleague James Allen.

James is on the verge of going public – for the first time ever – about a strategy he has developed that could generate eye-watering returns.

He says 10-X gains (that’s 1,000%) in as little as EIGHT HOURS is a real possibility here.

You have GOT to be curious about something capable of turning £1k into £10k in a single day!

Well, don’t be left wondering…

Let James explain to you directly how such break-neck gains could be on the cards…

Click here or on the video player below to get James’ run-down of his new ‘chart-breaker’ strategy:

If you’re on the hunt for the biggest possible returns, crammed into just HOURS, you need to see James’ video now…

And then get your name on his viewing list for the release of his exclusive chart-breaker briefing.

The briefing goes live today.

And if you name is not down to view it, you’ll be locked out.

This is your last chance to make sure you’re on the list to learn about one of the most outrageous investing ideas you’ll ever see.

Click here to register for free to receive James’ ‘chart-breaker’ strategy briefing, the moment it is released.

Many thanks,

Harry Hamburg
Exponential Investor

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