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It is that time of the week again, the Exponential Investor podcast – where this week we take a look back on 2020.

It’s our last podcast for the year as we’re taking a two week break from it, then will be back with another podcast on 8 January. Considering this little time-out, we thought we’d take a crack at what we consider to be the biggest event of 2020.

What is the real game changer that in years to come, we’ll look back and consider to be a pivotal turning point in the direction of the world, either good or bad?

It’s no easy question to answer. Let alone when you consider before we record, we rarely talk about what we’re going to talk about in these podcasts. The answers we give you today are the ones that first spring to mind when trying to answer that question.

Looking back on 2020, you could pick a number of things as being pivotal for the direction our world now heads. Government responses to the pandemic. Policy directed at industry crunching business and individuals. Oil prices going negative for the first time in history. Rampant fiscal policy from government and loose monetary policy from central banks. The rise and rise again of crypto. V, W, K shaped recoveries in the market.

It’s been a wild and woolly year. However as uncertain and fearful as it’s been, there are some positives you can take away from it all.

What are those positives? And what does it mean for investors heading into 2021? Well, you’ll just have to listen in to find out.

Thanks for listening to us each Friday since we started this podcast. We look forward to bringing you more of it in 2021 and covering all the exciting and tumultuous events that are going to come at us in the new year.



Sam Volkering and Kit Winder
Exponential Investor

Category: Technology

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