The world’s most bullish tech investor just cashed in his chips…

As we’ve reached the end of yet another wild week, I reached out to macro specialist Nickolai Hubble and our energy analyst Kit Winder to discuss the stories they’re keeping a close eye on.

In our final broadcast of the week…

The “LiarCard” fraud – tip of the iceberg?

Great cases of corporate fraud are often clumped together through history. It’s during periods of excessive bullishness and excitement that it’s easiest for investors to be led astray and to be conned into pouring money into a mirage.

The cases of Worldcom and Enron in the early noughties are a perfect example of this. Is the incredible Wirecard scandal, which casts a long shadow across the German regulator and political establishment, just the beginning of another great slew of corporate scandal and capital destruction? And if so, which sector is emitting smoke but claiming there ain’t fire?

Gold breaks out – but for how long?

Gold’s price in dollars is the strongest indicator for the world’s desire for gold. Earlier this week, it broke out of a wedge pattern it had held for some time, hitting an eight-year high. But will it maintain its momentum, and what does this mean for the miners?

When SoftBank gets in, it’s time to get out. But what about when Softbank gets out?

SoftBank, the Japanese investment bank, has something of a mixed history. Indeed, it was SoftBank’s involvement in Wirecard which Kit Winder saw as a signal that all was not right at the firm.

But Masayoshi Son, the face of the bank, has just stepped down from the board of Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce titan that has been one of SoftBank’s most profitable investments. Son described it as a “graduation”: what does the world’s most bullish tech investor cashing in his chips mean for the broader sector?

All this and more, in today’s market broadcast – click here to tune in.

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