Part 1: Why I’m going against mainstream wisdom

Welcome to a special Sunday edition of Exponential Investor.

Eoin Treacy here.

I’ve asked to take the reins here at Exponential Investor to talk to you about a market event on the horizon that could have huge implications on your wealth.

For the vast majority of investors, when it happens it will leave them completely powerless from losing a lot of money.

It could result in half of their savings being wiped out in just a few days or weeks.

But if you’re prepared… and know how to anticipate signs of this event…

Seeding your money into just a few well selected stocks represents an opportunity to make an insane amount of cash.

All told, it could be the biggest money making opportunity of our generation.

To put things into perspective, when this same event played out in the Dow Jones at the end of the Roaring Twenties it increased the number of millionaires in the USA from just 15 to 21,000.

Over the next few days I’m going to get you up to speed on this market event.

Then, on Wednesday 21st November at 2pm sharp I’d like to invite you to The Bull Market Climax Summit.

During the event, you’ll learn what to do to make a lot of money when this event sparks into action.

As I said getting you up to speed starts tomorrow.

Right now, I want to turn to the mainstream media. Because this is something they are not talking about.

If you listen to them, you’ll believe that a bear market is imminent. And the days of making money in the stock market without leveraging up and shorting the market are over for the foreseeable future.

Now I do believe that a bear market is on the horizon. So in one respect they’re not wrong. But markets are far less simple than they are making out.

So, today I’d like to take a brief look at just how far heeding the mainstream media’s advice can get you.

How often are these so called “experts” actually right about their predictions?

The short answer is: not often.

Look back to 1979, for example.

Sprawled across the cover of the August edition of BusinessWeek was the headline:

‘The Death of Equities.’

And what followed?

What can only be described a multi-decade bull market.

In fact, the S&P 500 started rising, and didn’t stop rising for the next 21 years.

And take this bold and infamous prediction from a 100 year anniversary edition of the New York Times:

Of course, Paul Krugman, the columnist behind the prediction was completely wrong.

Since 1998 the internet has been the one great drivers of global economic growth.

Now let’s look back, specifically, to crises.

In 2007, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said: “Subprime Mortgage Woes Won’t Seriously Hurt Economy”

We all know what happened next. The US housing market collapsed triggering the Great Financial Crisis.

Then we have Bitcoin. Take a look at this rudimental timeline I’ve put together showing prominent financial figures and the media’s evaluation of Bitcoin during recent times.

And the evidence spreads much further than mere anecdotes, too.

In 2001, the International Journal of Forecasting published a survey of the accuracy of economic forecasts throughout the 1990s.

In it they wrote: “The record of failure to predict recessions is virtually unblemished.”

The fact is, the financial media are terrible at predicting the future.

They couldn’t see the 2008 crash coming…

They couldn’t see the European debt crisis coming in 2010…

And now they’re telling you to prepare for a stock market crash…

At the very least, I believe you should dig a little further…

Tomorrow, we’ll start to do just that.

I’m going to show you how every great bull market in history has ended. Because once you understand the mechanics behind their endings, making money from the end of a bull market starts to look very simple indeed.

So watch out for tomorrow’s email. It will be titled “How every great bull market in history has ended”

And remember: At 2pm sharp on Wednesday 21st November, during my free event: The Bull Market Climax. I’ll be presenting you with irrefutable evidence that this phenomenon is about to happen. Despite what the media thinks.

And most importantly, I’ll show you how to make an absolute killing as a result of this phenomenon. With just a few simple moves.

All the best,

Eoin Treacy
Exponential Investor

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